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Win but playing alone Lost but playing with friends meme

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Can you cook something by yourself

Profile picture vs video call meme

Me after getting a little cough these days meme

When you see 14 year old kid have two girlfriends but you dont have any meme

Teachers Students are worried about their future We are sure they are studying at home Students at home meme

Class started at 9:00 am me at 9:20 am meme

Boys at public places vs boys at home meme

When you are editing DP from past 2 hours and gets first haha from your crush meme

One day before exam I become the most religious person on earth meme

10 year old me leaving home because my mom gave the bigger piece of chicken to my brother meme

How I feel when my friend is using my phone meme

Me listening to love songs at night while imagening love I will never receive meme