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Not sure if making hard choices is difficult or if making difficult choices is hard meme

Not sure if making hard choices is difficult or if making difficult choices is hard meme

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Me recharging from my dog after a long work meme
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Me just chilling My siblings: meme
In Category : Sibling Memes
When you're enjoying your weekend But remember it's sunday meme
In Category : Weekend Memes
I perform financial transactions for a company work billions I'm a cashier at McDonald's meme
In Category : Disappointed Memes

Me All my life's problems It is what it is meme
In Category : Flex Tape Memes
600 BC 1900 2023 meme
In Category : Egg Price Memes
Light: Turns yellow Uber driver: Do you trust me? meme
In Category : Uber Driver Memes
Does your dog bite? No but meme
In Category : Dog Memes

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