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Lockdown Memes

Stay home and trigger a depressive episode vs Go out and trigger a panic attack meme

72 days of lockdown The only place left in home ground to take a photo meme

My skin Before lockdown vs These days meme

Pisa tower nowadays after not having any tourists trying to hold it meme

My lockdown long hairstyle Expectation vs reality meme

Just broke the news to my suitcase We wont be going on holiday this year She was devastated meme

Books last seen Lockdown ago meme

People You can use the lockdown period to develop a new skill Meanwhile me meme

Hows your alcohol intake been during lockdown If you see a bird stop drinking Its a cat meme

Married men running back to their girlfriends after lockdown meme

Best way to go out of the house at this moment meme

This is how sundays n mondays look like these days meme